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Supporting science education in the California Capital Region

Stay tuned for the 2025 Brain Bee

Organizers are beginning to reconvene after pausing during the pandemic. For those interested in participating in the Brain Bee program in 2024, consider registering for the Bay Area Brain Bee, to be held on March 23, 2024. Join the email list via the Contact page to express interest and be kept up-to-date for future Sacramento Brain Bee opportunities.

Brain Scans

Instead of 2021-24 Brain Bees

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and rebuilding a leadership team, the Sacramento Brain Bee Organizers cancelled our local Brain Bees competitions and instead, invested time and resources to supporting local educators and students as they managed the challenges of adapting to distance learning. All high school or middle school science teachers are still welcome to connect with us to learn more about how our group of scientists may be able to support STEM classes.


Alumni make waves in community 

Chinmayi Balusu took home the Championship Prize from the inaugural Sacramento Brain Bee, including the opportunity to fly to the East Coast for the National Competition to represent the region. The twelfth grader was also honored with a trophy, medal, gift card, and a travel stipend to attend the national competition. The Sacramento Brain Bee Team was so proud to have such a star representative!


The Central Valley's First Brain Bee

The annual International Brain Bee was established in 1998 and currently engages high school students in over 50 nations. Sacramento and surrounding areas were first represented with a local competition in 2019. Up to five students may participate per high school, and the winner advances to U.S. Nationals.


Press Contacts  

Members of the Press are welcome for interviews and additional materials, with advanced notice. Please email for more details. Photographs and statements are available upon request. 

Cutting-Edge Science

Student participants are provided all the materials they will need for the competition, including an overview and introduction to neuroscience and a Study Guide. During the event, the friendly atmosphere will foster opportunities to meet others interested in the brain and medicine as well as professionals who work in research, clinics, and science policy.

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Friendly Young Doctor
3D Scans
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